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Webmart is a large and well-established marketing agency specialising in omni-channel marketing campaigns for businesses all over the UK. Founded in 1996 and with more than 400 years combined experience between them, their team is a force to be reckoned with in the multichannel marketing sector.

When they got in touch with Be Bold Studios, they were after a new website that represented the scale and expertise of their agency, and we were only too happy to help.

David, Aaron and the Be Bold Studios crew produced a lovely new website for us. The process was well managed and skilfully developed and the site looks and works great. We also use Be Bold Studios for SEO where they’ve been outstanding. All in all, a fab bunch to work with and highly recommended.
Richard Biltcliffe General Manager of Webmart
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Website, SEO Audit, Monthly SEO, Copywriting


Webmart offers its customers a wide selection of marketing services. With such an impressive range of solutions on offer, it can be easy for a website to become cluttered and difficult to navigate.

Our experienced designers put together an eye-catching website that makes effective use of space, allowing visitors to easily find the information they need.

We made good use of bright colours (particularly Webmart’s trademark yellow), to keep the site looking vibrant, reflecting the attitude and demeanour of the company itself.

Search engine optimisation

The Webmart site was built from the ground up with SEO and user experience in mind. There is no point of a beautiful website if potential customers can’t find it or it is difficult to interact with.

The previous website was quite slow and was not optimised for search engines. Page load times were improved. This was a priority, as the site features attractive images, animation and video.

Detailed keyword and competitor analysis was performed, in order to find what potential clients were searching for. The website copy was then written and optimised with a focus on providing a great user experience.

Since launch, The Webmart site has seen major improvements in all key metrics. Search engine rankings improved significantly – the number of keywords in Google’s top 10 went from 6 to 60 within 3 months.

  • Page views nearly tripled

Conversion tracking was implemented. Conversions are actions that are important to your business such as orders, contact form submissions or telephone calls. This enables top management to easily track the effectiveness of the campaign.


With so many services on offer, getting the right text for the site was an important consideration. Luckily for Webmart, we have our own experienced copywriter to create well-written content for the site.

Copywriting plays a major part in helping customers find your business online. Google and other major search engines are looking for key words and phrases to pair your site successfully with a user’s search request.

Our copywriter’s job is to seed those keywords into your on-site text, while produced content that reads well, since the quality of your text is fundamental to ranking well on search engine results pages.

Monthly SEO

Our work with Webmart didn’t stop once the website was up and running.

To keep on the first part of search engine results, requires regular checking of the site’s SEO to make sure it is performing well. Our SEO expert uses a range of analytical tools to keep track of every aspect of the site’s performance.

If there are any areas of concern, these are fed back to our development team to make the relevant changes. By delegating this work to Be Bold Studios, it means we can keep Webmart ranking high in the search pages, while their team can concentrate on the important business of running the company.

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Whether you your company is also part of the multichannel marketing industry, or a different sector altogether, you can rely on the team at Be Bold Studios to deliver quality SEO, web design, and web hosting solutions.

Call us today on 0747 688 7743, or send an email to to arrange a free consultation..

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