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What is copywriting?

The word ‘copywriting’ comes from print media. A writer or journalists typed or hand-written word would be copied by the typesetter to fit the layout of the printed page. Today, the technology is more advanced, but the principle remains the same. A copywriter creates well-written content designed to appeal to both your customers and to Google.

SEO-friendly copywriting

Any content on your site needs to meet the demands of Google’s search engine algorithm. This combines technique with quality. Your copywriter needs to pepper their text with targeted keywords, without overdoing it (a common mistake, known as ‘keyword stuffing’). They must also produce content that is well-written in a natural style, since Google’s algorithm is sophisticated enough to tell the difference and rank your site accordingly.

Visitor-friendly copywriting

While it’s important to please Google’s algorithm to let visitors find your website in the first place, keeping them there is equally important. This means creating a good user experience for them. Badly-written copy makes your site look unprofessional and has been shown to deter would-be customers from visiting your site again. An experienced copywriter ensures that your content is easy to read, without speaking down to your client base.

Fresh, regular, quality content

Google’s algorithm is updated regularly and it expects that the websites it indexes are updated too. It performs constant crawls of the sites in its database to ensure that they meet its high standards for customer satisfaction. An important part of this equation is whether or not the site remains fresh. A website that sits static for months with no updates will soon see itself slip in the rankings. The best-scoring sites produce a constant stream of content of their visitors, be they articles, blogs, news items, or something else.

Why do I need a copywriter?

All of the items listed above are reasons to hire a professional copywriter. Producing written content for your website takes time – time that you could spend better concentrating on your core product or service. Our professional copywriters know how to produce content that appeals to Google’s automated search algorithm as well as to a customer visiting your site.

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