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BEAUTIFUL photography

Of all the changes you can make to your website, the inclusion of high-quality digital images is both the simplest and the most effective. It’s an easy equation to master: more images = more hits = more customers.
Why is digital photography so important?

There are many reasons to treat your online photo content as a serious matter, but it boils down to the following Big Four…

Humans are visual creatures. We are hard-wired to react to images immediately and then rationalise our feelings after the event. We have some talented copywriters on the Be Bold Studios team, capable of effectively describing any product or service. Even they would be forced to admit that a quality photograph delivers that same information in a fraction of the time.
Photographs don’t just have a visual impact on your site, they are useful behind the scenes too. By attaching certain keywords to the photograph’s coding, our team of SEO technicians give Google more material to work with. It means that your site will score higher Google’s ever-changing algorithm, resulting in a better ranking among your competitors.
As well as performing better in searches, properly anchored pictures appear alongside your website description on the results page. Remember what we said about being hard-wired to react to visual stimuli? Given two similar search results on a page, people invariably click on the one with the appealing picture next to it.
Why choose Be Bold Studios for your digital photography needs?

There are so many reasons to make Be Bold Studios your digital photography provider. Here are just some of the more popular ones…

Every image is unique

Unlike some web development companies, we do not rely on stock images that any old website can pick up for spare change. We take our pictures ourselves, producing great quality, high-resolution visuals that really make your website pop. Best of all, every one is unique to you and your company, showcasing your business at its best.

The tools and the talent

Our photographers have years of experience behind the lens. In their time they have shot everything from fast food to family portraits, from wedding photos to washing machines. They are experts in composition and lighting, and guarantee a high-quality finish thanks to their state-of-the-art digital cameras.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

Because we take all of our photos ourselves, we can take and retake as many times as necessary to get the perfect shot. If you’re not happy with one of our pictures, then neither are we, and we’ll be happy to go again.

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