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The success of any business depends on its branding. In many ways, your brand is your company.

Here at Be Bold Studios, we help clients across the North West develop strong and effective brands to grow their business. We employ a range of techniques that will draw people to your company, leaving you with the job of keeping them there.

Be Bold Studios Logo Design

How branding can change your company for the better

No matter what your reach might be in terms of a customer base, your company’s branding is all-important. Whether you’re a local service provider or a global commerce site, your brand is what people think of when they hear your name. Hear the word “McDonald’s” and you picture the golden arches. Hear “Coca Cola” and the white cursive script on a red background comes to mind. This is before you think about their product, their reputation, or anything else.

While you might not be in the same commercial stakes as McDonald’s or Coca Cola, the message remains important. You want people to associate your company’s name with positive imagery and emotions and it starts with a solid branding strategy.


When people associate your name with your brand and your brand with a particular industry, it evokes feelings of trust. Getting your company into the local consciousness is key to expanding your business. The goal is for your brand to become synonymous with the sector in which you work. If people who have never used your services before can associate your company with a specific industry, you’re half-way there.

As experts in branding solutions, we take a multi-pronged approach to getting your business its day in the limelight. There are multiple tools we can employ that vary depending on your company’s specific requirements. Here are just of few of the techniques that can help establish your brand in the marketplace.


Your company logo is more than just your name with a slash of colour. It is a pictorial representation of everything your business stands for. More than that, it plays an essential part in promoting your enterprise effectively. At Be Bold Studios we will help you to create an eye-catching logo that can be used across your website, your company vehicles, your social media, and more.

Social Media

Speaking of social media, your company is at an immediate disadvantage if it doesn’t have a presence here. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the Holy Trinity of social networking. By encouraging visitors to share your posts, you create word-of-mouth marketing that really established your brand.

Regular Content

Having regular content on your site and social media helps to get your brand noticed by search engines. Fresh material boosts your site up the Google rankings to those coveted slots at the top of the results page. We can help, providing visual and written content as often as you need it.

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For more information on how to grow your brand online, call Be Bold Studios today. Let a member of our team walk you through the various options available and arrange a consultation with one of our branding strategists.