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What Is
Website Hosting?

Website hosting – or web hosting – refers to the place where your website lives. This is normally a remote computer server that holds all the information that forms your website. That information includes all the on-page content (text, images, videos, and so on), as well as the behind-the-scenes code that helps your site get picked up by Google and the other major search engines.

When somebody accesses your site through their computer or mobile device, their browser is directed towards your web host, from where it receives the information needed to recreate the site in their browser.

What Is a Web Hosting Provider?

Web hosting provider – like the team here at Be Bold Studios – gives you the server space and the tools to run a fast and efficient website. Fast loading speeds are an important part of creating a positive online experience for your customers.

Research by Google indicates that more than half of internet users will abandon a site if it fails to load within 53 seconds. Having a web hosting provider you can depend upon to deliver speed and security is crucial to your website’s success.

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Virtual Private Servers

Here at Be Bold Studios, we offer Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for our clients across the North West and beyond.

VPS hosting is the best model for growing businesses as each website we create is hosted within its own patch of server space and allocated its own set of resources.

High-speed Web Hosting

With a VPS hosting solution from Be Bold Studios, your website is held separately from other websites on our server. This means that you will not be sharing server resources with other website owners. The result of this is that your website will not suffer a reduction in speed if other websites are using a lot of bandwidth. Whatever size of VPS you choose, all those resources are allocating solely to your site.

Customisable Web Hosting

There is more to our VPS hosting packages than just somewhere to park your website. We offer an extensive range of additional services as part of our hosting agreement. This includes technical support from our team of experienced tech experts, regular backups of your data, effective security tools, and more.

Secure Web Hosting

Keeping your information secure online is something we should all strive for and this is equally true of business websites. At Be Bold Studios, all our VPS hosting packages come with a comprehensive set of security tools as standard. This ensures your website data remains safe whilst hosted on our server.

A Package That Grows with You

One of the benefits of a VPS web hosting solution is that more server space and bandwidth can be allocated to your site as and when it needs it. After all, the whole point of establishing your business online is to build your customer base and grow your audience. If you find yourself in the welcome position of receiving more online traffic than your current package can handle, we can easily upgrade it for you, giving you the same high standard of service as your company continues to grow.

Web Hosting Experts You Can Trust

The various web hosting options that are available can be confusing if you’ve never had to deal with them before. Fortunately for our customers across Wirral, Liverpool and beyond, we are here to cut through the technical jargon.

Our team of web hosting professionals have decades of combined experience in the business and are happy to discuss your specific requirements with you. Their expertise ensures fast, effective, and secure hosting for your website, letting you concentrate on running your business.

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