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Steelforce Security

When Steelforce Security UK first contacted us, all they wanted was a new website that we were happy to deliver. Already a leading light in the security business, this Wirral-based firm wanted to take things to the next level.

As the region’s leading experts in brand identity, we knew that a new website wasn’t going to cut it.

”Be Bold Studios was originally contacted to update our website for us. After meeting David, we realised that his expertise would enable us to completely revamp our marketing and develop a new branding as well. We are delighted with the results!”
Carl Reynolds, Steelforce Security
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Steelforce Security
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We broached the idea of a complete rebrand to the company, who were understandably sceptical. We find that many established firms don’t like the idea of rebranding.

After all, many have spent years using the same imagery and logos. They might even have had a hand in designing it. Fortunately Steelforce Security UK are a forward-thinking company.

After some time to think it over, they were fully on board with a rebrand.


As always, we gave Steelforce Security UK a choice of three logos. The one they went with was a striking design in red, white, and black. It’s a serious logo for a serious industry and one that’s instantly recognisable.

The strong colours and forced perspective make it stand out in an otherwise crowded industry. Steelforce Security UK loved it so much, they contracted us for all their design work.


The main problems with their existing site was muddled navigation and poor response times on mobile devices.

This is a common complaint with older sites and is easiest solved with a complete rebuild. Better navigation and more coherent internal links makes life easier for customers.

It also reduces lag times, increasing the chance of converting mobile traffic to real sales.


Whatever business you’re in, you need your customers to be able to trust you, but especially in the security industry.

To help instil trust in their clients, we performed a photoshoot over two days.

This included the team going about their day-to-day duties and images of their security services.

This allows us to show the Steelforce Security UK staff as real people, as well as incorporating their new logo.


When we decided to produce an animated version of the Steelforce Security logo, we wanted to create something special. We wanted an animated logo that speaks to the customer, providing a narrative for the company. Our solution was simple in concept and elegant in execution.

A jumbled collection of bars connects in a pseudo-3D framework, which is coloured to match the Steelforce Security branding. It demonstrates visually the company’s core values. It brings together several security elements, creating something stronger than its disparate parts. This simple and effective visual storytelling is all part of the service from Be Bold Studios.


At the moment, we are planning a series of new videos that Steelforce Security UK can stream on their site. These will showcase the range of security services they have on offer.

Why not head over to Steelforce Security UK’s new website and see the sterling work we’ve done? With both a new site and a full rebranding, the company is set to ascend to even greater heights than it has so far.

For more information, or to book a consultation, give Be Bold Studios a call today on 0747 688 7743

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