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oxton bar & kitchen

The Oxton Bar & Kitchen already had a reputation as one of the coolest food and drink venues on the Wirral: a reputation that it has more than earned over the years it has been in business. However, when they first got in touch with us here at Be Bold Studios, their website did not reflect that reputation at all.

“We are delighted with the results we would gladly recommend them to others”
Oxton Bar & Kitchen
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Oxton Bar & Kitchen
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the problem

For a business that prides itself on its contemporary cuisine, the Oxton Bar and Kitchen website was woefully out-of-date.

We took one look at it and knew what we had to do. Out went the flat, generic look, the over-reliance on text, and the slow response times

(particularly on smart phones and other mobile devices).


We put together a short video showing a day in the life of the Oxton Bar and Kitchen, demonstrating the work, effort and dedication that goes into the business. With local establishments, these videos really help to establish a connection between company and clientele, making your customers an integral part of your story.

Unique to Oxton Bar and Kitchen, we filmed the staff at Oxton Bar and Kitchen highlighting their Cocktails of the Month. A simple advertising solution, snippets like these increase interest from the regulars, as well as enticing new customers to the venue and, again, can be shared across all social media platforms at the touch of button.


In its place, we created a more image-led website for them, one that showcased their dishes and drinks in all their glory, as well as the beautiful and inviting backdrop of their premises.

We wanted prospective customers to feel their mouths watering as they navigated the site and checked out the menus.

We wanted prospective customers to feel their mouths watering as they navigated the site and checked out the menus. We wanted them to feel the passion for food and drink that the team at Oxton Bar and Kitchen put into every serving.

Over the course of a two-day shoot, our photography team were left salivating after taking shots of some incredible meals and outstanding cocktails.


With the basic site up and running, showing Oxton Bar and Kitchen in a new sexy light, it was time to really beef things up.

Visual content is an important marketing tool, being something that customers regularly share on social media.


Our relationship with Oxton Bar and Kitchen continues, with us currently providing them with updating their website on a regular basis.

So check out the website and see how well the sumptuous design befits a company like Oxton Bar and Kitchen.

For more information, or to book a consultation, give Be Bold Studios a call today on 0747 688 7743

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