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How the quality of your copywriting can make or break your website
When it comes to running a successful website, content is king. From service pages describing what you have to offer, to a regular blog, content should be both appealing and readable.
This is why copywriting is so important.
What is copywriting?

Simply put, copywriting is any text that appears on your website that is visible to a visitor. This could be your blog, a news item, the main body of text, a product description, or something else. It’s called ‘copy’ because, in the days of print, it would have been ‘copied’ into a newspaper, brochure, or whatever.

In the context of a website, it becomes even more important. Here are just a few reasons why.

Google’s search engine algorithm is extraordinarily sophisticated. It can tell the difference between text written by a machine and text written by a human. More impressively, it can tell the difference between good and bad writing and will rank websites accordingly.
You might have a perfectly designed content, filled with relevant and well-written content. However, if you fail to add to that pool of content, your Google rankings will stagnate. You see, Google wants to know that the sites it recommends are not just active, but cutting-edge. Professional copywriting will ensure a steady stream of well-written content, keeping your site in the search engine’s spotlight.
Running a successful website is just part of your marketing and growth strategy. With Google’s ever-increasing demands for quality content, you can find yourself expending more time on your site than your business. A professional copywriter will not only produce fresh copy, but also research and provide news items and blog topics.
Web visitors can be fickle. To keep them engaged, you need to make their user experience a positive one. A key element of this lies in your copywriting. Bad spelling, poor grammar, and uneven syntax are sure-fire ways to have a visitor clicking the Back button. Even people who may not know the fundamentals themselves, will recognise when they’re lacking in a piece of written text.
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At Be Bold Studios, we make use of highly-trained and experienced copywriters. They produce on-site content and regular blogs for several of our existing clients.

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