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What’s in a Name?

Many people pay little attention to their domain name when setting up their company website, but it can be one of the most important parts of your online strategy. While the domain name no longer impacts on SEO in any significant way, a relatable and memorable domain is more attractive to prospective visitors.
So what makes a good website name for your business or organisation? Here at Be Bold Studios, we have been setting up websites for companies in all kinds of business sectors, both here in the North West and across the UK. We know a thing or too about choosing the right URL for your enterprise and have put together the following hints and tips:
Make it Mean Something

Your domain name doesn’t just show up in a user’s address bar while they’re browsing the internet. Somebody might share a link to your site via email or social media, or you might want to include it in your print and online advertising. The perfect domain name should let people know who you are and, ideally, what you do. Including your company name in your URL is an absolute must.

Make It Trustworthy

It can be tempting to give your website a boastful URL – something like or However, unless that’s the actual name of your company, these kinds of words should be avoided. Your average internet user simply won’t believe those kinds of claims and might even think you’re a fake site. It’s better, by far, to invest in high-quality web design and hosting, and let the site itself convince customers how good you are.

Keep it Clear

Avoid words that are easily misspelled, wherever possible. Of course, if that’s part of your company name, this might be tricky. In cases like this, effective branding, a clear logo, and a strong local reputation can help. Similarly, avoid a domain name that is overly-long. The longer the URL, the more opportunities there are for somebody to spell it wrong in the address bar.

Choosing the Right Extension
The extension of your domain name (also known as its Top Level Domain, or TDL) is the part that comes after the final dot. Most companies aim for the .com extension, as the TDL is the most casual users associate with commercial websites. Other strong TDLs include (for identifying UK-based business), .org (for charity and non-profit organisations, and .net (for companies involved in networking infrastructure and technology). If in doubt – and if available – always try for a .com extension.
Branding Your Domain Name
Once you have settled on a domain name, it makes sense to use it for all your social media accounts, so customers know who they’re following online. Sites like namecheckr let you discover if the main body of your domain name is available as a username on dozens of online services. This includes popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more.
Protecting Your Interests
Nobody wants other companies to piggyback off their success. If you have the resources, it’s worth snapping up some of the more popular TDLs for your domain name, as well as extra URLs to cover common misspellings. You don’t need separate websites for each – you can set all these alternative web addresses to redirect to your main site.
Get in touch

If you’re ready to launch your new site and need help choosing and securing the right domain name, get in touch with Be Bold Studios today. Call us on 0747 688 7743 to arrange a consultation with one of our advisors.