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Planning a video

Video content creation has become a popular marketing technique, and many businesses are opting for this medium. The average user spends approximately 88% more time on a website with video content. Not only does video encourage high engagement but it can be a cost-effective way to create multi-channel content. Here are a few key steps we take from concept to final edit that may help you understand the process.

We recommend the best place to start is identifying the purpose of the video you want to create. A few points you should consider are your aims; are you promoting a product? Are you sharing information? What points do you want to include? Also, take into consideration your audience and your company’s tone of voice.

Now you are ready to brainstorm ideas that align with those identifiers. Share your concept, and collaborate with other people. The best ideas often come from open discussion.

Video Shooting Set
Be Bold Studios crew

Pre-production is where we finalise those ideas into a solid plan before shoot day. This stage usually involves your script if you are having dialogue, location scouting and a shot list for the storyboard. The storyboard process allows the direction of the video to become clear to the full production team before the shoot day. This stage is an incredible time saver as it allows for early-stage changes and edits to be made. Creating a visual plan for the video also helps create clear expectations between the client and crew.


Now it’s time for shoot day. The creative team is briefed and ready to film. The team may include lighting and sound technicians, a videographer and depending on your video concept a styling team consisting of makeup and wardrobe may be necessary. By choosing a capable and experienced team you are ensuring the smooth running of your shoot and ultimately a high-quality and engaging video.

Be Bold Studios & Crew Clothing
Be Bold Studios crew filming

You’re at the final stage of the process ready for those final touches to tie your video together like a big bow. In this stage, you can add any of your chosen graphics, such as logos and branding to your opening or closing scenes. Also, take into consideration the music choice that accompanies your video. Other edits including transitions and colour grading can make a substantial difference when it comes to the quality and professionalism of your final video.
After these steps, you will arrive at a perfectly executed video ready to share with your audience.

Creating video content can seem daunting to most, but with the help of a creative team, you will enjoy the creative process from start to finish and the satisfaction of seeing your idea come to life is worth the ride.

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