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Drone services
in Wirral & Liverpool

Here at Be Bold Studios, we’re always learning new tricks.

Our team of talented creatives are encouraged to improve themselves at every opportunity to add new strings to their respective bows.

Sometimes those skills are related to the job – sometimes they’re not. What’s important is that our team develops itself to its fullest potential.

Therefore, we are delighted to announce that two – yes two – of the Be Bold Studios crew have recently qualified to be commercial drone pilots, granting us permission for Commercial Operations of a small unmanned aircraft or small unmanned surveillance aircraft. Woo hoo!

Who doesn’t want to fly a pound-and-a-half remote drone - also know as the DJI Mavic Pro? It’s also great news for us and our clients, as we now have two fully-authorised drone pilots in our ranks. This presents a whole new range of possibilities for Be Bold Studios and our client base.
To become a fully certified, our two drone pilots enrolled on an online course that taught them the theory of remote aircraft piloting. This detailed course included a thorough assessment to ensure the would be drone pilots understood the theory side of things and their responsibilities as an authorised operator. This was followed by a practical flight assessment as the crew were put through their paces with a drone.
Of course, there’s more to piloting a drone than learning the theory and executing the moves. To get permission from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), you need to draw up your own Operations Manual. This lays down your responsibilities and the responsibilities of your company in intricate detail. This assures the CAA that you understand the gravity – small pun intended – of your role as a remote pilot.
Thanks our drone pilot's achievements, we received a formal notification from the Civil Aviation Authority last month. This grants Be Bold Studios permission to fly our remote drone under Articles 94(5) and 95(2)(a) of the Air Navigation Order 2016. Exciting stuff.
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For more information about our new drone facility, check out our Drone Services. Alternatively, give Be Bold Studios a call today on 0747 688 7743 to discuss what our fully certified drone pilots can do for your business.