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So what are your options?
Shared hosting and VPS hosting

For most small-to-medium businesses, the choice is either a shared hosting service, or a Virtual Private Server (VPS). While other hosting options exist, they are optimised for major national and international firms or popular ecommerce sites that can expect hundreds of thousands of visitors a day.

Shared hosting
As the name suggests, shared hosting describes several smaller websites sharing the same computer server. The sites in question share both space and resources, including bandwidth.
Virtual Private Server
A Virtual Private Server (or VPS) is your own personal patch of online real estate. Whilst technically stored on the same piece of hardware as other websites, you are allocated a chunk of space and resources that are all your own.
Choosing Your Web Hosting Plan
Here at Be Bold Studios, we specialise in affordable VPS hosting solutions for our customers. Based on our many years of experience in the web hosting industry, we believe that VPS offers the best value and service for most website owners. The best way to demonstrate this is with a direct comparison between the two types of hosting.

Having your own VPS means you have your own cache of computer resources, which offers greater performance for your website. With a shared hosting plan, other websites can affect your website’s performance by using up those communal resources. This can cause a slow-down of your website, through no fault of your own.


When using a shared server, your website is only as secure as the other tenants on your server: if one of those sites is compromised, yours may end up affected too. A core advantage of VPS is that you have control over your site’s security measures. With a Be Bold Studios hosting package, this includes a range of effective security tools.


This is one area where shared hosting seems to have the upper hand, being usually cheaper than their VPS counterparts. However, this can be false economy for many companies, especially those looking to expand their business in the future.


Most of our customers create a website because they want to grow their brand and their business. While a shared hosting package may give you some room for growth, sooner or later you will reach your limit. With a VPS package, your amount of server space can be increased as needed when you start to outgrow your VPS.

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At Be Bold Studios, we offer competitive VPS packages to our customers in the North West and across the UK. You can take advantage of all the benefits listed above and make your website the best it can be. For more information, or to discuss your web hosting options, call us today on 0747 688 7743