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Has the Latest Google Core Update Affected Your Website?
Google has just completed the rollout of its second core update in 2023, and website owners are already feeling the effects. If you’ve noticed a drop in your site’s performance on Google’s search result pages, it’s not necessarily anything that you’ve done wrong; Google has simply changed the way it ranks websites for its users.
In this article, we’re going to take a brief look at the Google Core Update for August 2023 to see how it might affect your site and what you can do to resolve it.
What Is the Google Core Update?
Google’s search algorithm (the code that determines which sites are given priority ranking in search results) is constantly being developed and updated. These updates are often intended to combat bots, scam sites, and websites that offer a poor customer experience. Small, targeted changes are made on an almost daily basis, while more impactful changes occur a couple of times a year. These are known as Google Core Updates.
What Changes Have Taken Place in the Latest Google Core Update?

Google has confirmed that the purpose of this latest update is to promote great content rather than penalise low-quality websites. The update has been rolled out worldwide and affects all types of written, video, and audio content.

How Will This Affect My Site?

As with any Google Core Update, some sites will see an increase in engagement, while others will see a significant drop in their search engine rankings.

If your site falls into the latter category, it’s likely that your content is not meeting Google’s new standards for quality.

How Can I Improve My Rankings Under the New Update?

The best way to get better results in Google searches is to make sure your on-site content is the best it can be. Avoid using AI-generated content or content mills that churn out low-quality work at a bargain basement price. Utilising professional artists, photographers, and writers to develop your content ensures a far better return on investment.

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